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      The Lullaby Planet pacifiers are available with teats in the three most popular teat shapes, orthodontic, round and symmetrical, in both silicone and latex and in several sizes, so that the Lullaby Planet pacifiers can be used as the child grows.

      All Lullaby Planet pacifiers are BPA-free and comply with the EN1400 standard, which defines a number of strict requirements for pacifiers for children and young children. See the full range of Lullaby Planet Pacfiers. The Lullaby Planet pacifiers are of high quality, so you are assured that the pacifiers last as long as possible.

      Check the pacifier thoroughly before offering it to your child – before each use. We recommend that the Lullaby Planet pacifiers are replaced every 6 weeks for reasons of hygiene and safety. Replacing the pacifiers more often than necessary will, however, result in unnecessary waste of resources.

      The Lullaby Planet pacifiers also come with a small pacifier box, which can be used partly to store the pacifiers when not in use, and partly for sterilization in the microwave. You can also choose to have our Lullaby Planet pacifiers engraved i.e. with your child’s name. With a name on the pacifier, you reduce the risk of the pacifiers getting lost and you having to buy new ones again.

      Many parents may have challenges finding the right pacifier for their child, as there may be differences in which shape of the pacifier’s teat the child prefers. At Lullaby Planet we would like to ease this process, and we therefore offer our own pacifier starter kit. Here you receive one package with a pacifier in each of the three forms. In this way, you can try out the pacifiers without any hustle and bustle and find the pacifier that best suits your child – and limit the purchase of several different pacifiers in the process.

      Posters for the children's room from Lullaby Planet

      Lullaby Planet's posters for the children's room are based on some of the most iconic English and Danish lullabies, such as Puff the Magic Dragon, The Bear is Sleeping, and See the little Kitten.

      Together with the Danish artist Patrick Tabone, we have created these posters in manga style that reflect what the lullaby of the fantasy universe often moves in.

      The Lullaby Planet posters are available in several designs and sizes and will give a cozy atmosphere in all children's rooms.

      Lullalabels from Lullaby Planet

      Order Lullalabels at Lullaby Planet. We print your child's name and send them directly to you. Use Lullalabels on a broad variety of different things - from toys and lunch boxes to rubber boots and clothes.

      With Lullalabels you reduce the risk of losing clothes and toys in e.g. the kindergarten. By taking good care of your things, you contribute to a more sustainable world with lower consumption. Many people write the name directly on the clothes but washing, wear and tear will quickly make the text indistinct - just as it can be quite difficult to write name inside a glove that can actually be read.

      Lullalabels have a very strong glue that can sit on many different surfaces and last for a very long time, so that you can keep track of clothes and toys for as long as you want.

      Above you can read about all the products we have under the Lullaby Planet brand. We are constantly looking for new, but common to the products we take in is that they must contribute positively to a sustainable start in life for all our children.

      18 products

      18 products